How to Load a Grease Gun

Step by step instructions of how to load a grease gun. Photos will help to explain each step along the way.
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Step 1 

The head needs to be packed with grease.




Step 2:

The plunger is usually dry in a new grease gun.
In this case, smear grease into the inside of the barrel to help lubricate the plunger.




Step 3:

Remove both ends of the grease cartridge.
Using a rag, push the grease from the bottom of the cartridge to form a large dome of grease on the top.




Step 4:

With the t-handle out, place the cartridge into the barrel.
The dome of grease is ready to pack the grease gun head.




Step 5:

Screw the barrel into the head of the gun. This will further push the dome of grease into the grease gun head.



Step 6:

Push the t-handle right down into the barrel.



Step 7:

Take out any possible air pockets. To do this, unscrew the barrel a half turn from the grease gun head and pump the handle and then tighten again. You should hear any air fizz out. Tighten the barrel again before use.