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Kapro is a leading manufacturer and developer of innovative hand tools for the professional and DIY markets. Kapro makes the industry's finest quality spirit levels, laser levels, and layout, marking and measuring tools. The company has built a reputation as the industry's foremost innovator, and is renowned for its quality products, outstanding service, added value and cutting-edge designs. To see Kapro's entire range click here.

kapro rafter square

Kapro Rafter Square

Part number: K444


Kapro Framing Square 60cm

Part number: K30560

kapro magnetic cross level

Kapro Magnetic Cross Level

Part number: K242D

kapro spirit level

Kapro Spirit Level 60cm

Part number: K77960

kapro vulcan level

Kapro Vulcan Level 60cm

Part number: K99560

Kapro Chalk Line and Bottle Set

Kapro Chalk Line and Bottle Set

Part number: K211S

kapro combination square

Kapro Combination Square

Part number: K352

kapro adjustable t-square

Kapro Adjustable T-Square 120cm

Part number: K317120T

kapro exodus level

Kapro Exodus Level 60cm

Part number: K77060

kapro handy level

Kapro Handy Level

Part number: K246MD


Kapro Cast Toolbox Level 25cm

Part number: K923