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Josco Brumby - strip-it discs



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Josco Brumby - Strip-It Discs


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► applications:

general sanding, rust removal, clean-up & removing paint from steel, granite, hard-faced brick and timber

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► fitment:

suits all popular angle grinders



Josco Brumby - Abrasive Strip-It Discs - Glass Fibre Back


  Strip It Discs are ideal for general clean-up and removing paint from steel, granite, hard-faced brick and timber.  Also removes varnish and epoxy, light scale and rust from steel and is great for sanding aluminium on boats and trailers  
  packaged part number diameter (mm) bore (mm) box qty max rpm  
  BSD100 100 16 10 12,000  
  BSD115 115 22 10 12,000  
  BSD127 127 22 10 12,000  


Josco Brumby Strip-It Discs are the economical choice


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