Aviation Snips by Midwest

Midwest’s Aviation Snips have Unbreakable Blades

  • Manufactured from hot drop forged moly alloy steel, and scientifically heat treated, Midwest’s Aviation Snips provide a strong, longer lasting cutting edge. Forged blades are superior to investment cast blades and stamped blades, and are a minimum requirement of U.S government specifications and ANSI/ASME standards.
  • All blades are serrated at optimum 40 serrations per inch to grip material being cut without making large “teeth marks” on the cut edge of your material.
  • Full length cut from pinch to point per cutting stroke meeting all ANSI/ASME compression test standards.


Threaded Centre Bolt

  • Grade 8 centre pivot bolt is threaded into bottom blade and secured with a lock nut to hold blades in adjustment and facilitate blade re-adjustment. Securing the centre pivot in bottom blade is a U.S government specification that allows for blade re-adjustment after extensive use which extends cutting life.


Heavy Duty (Double Overwind) Spring

  • The heavy duty double overwind spring is unconditionally guaranteed for the life of all Midwest Aviation Snips. They are superior in strength and performance life to the single coil piano wire used by other manufacturers.



  • Positive hand stops prevent blade tip crossover beyond 1/16″. Blades are indiviually fitted to the handle. Fitted blade against positive stop eliminates need for manual crossover adjustment by user as required by some other brands.
  • Thumb actuated flip hatch is easy to operate and stops tool from opening accidentally.
  • Heavy duty thick plastic grips comfort users hand and prevent steel handles from wearing through grip end.
  • Handy hang hole on handle for storing when not in use.


User Tips

  • Select the correct blade pattern and model for the job
  • Keep blades in adjustment for optimum performance and to maximise cutting life. (Blade re-adjustment instructions are listed on packaging, or watch this video for more detail).
  • Do not use aviation snips to cut wire, nails etc.
  • Do not exceed cutting capacity for tool.
  • Keep blades clean by wiping with a light coat of oil
  • Work safely – wear safety glasses when working with hand tools
  • Do not use a snip for purposes other than cutting metal
  • Be careful of sharp edges on snip. Fully close snip and latch when returning to your tool box or tool belt.