Josco Flap Wheel Applications

Why choose Josco Flap Wheels?

Josco Flap Wheels are a modern and cost effective choice of surface finishing tool. Whether you are working with metal, wood, rubber or plastic, flap wheels will grind and polish both flat and contoured surfaces. They are easy to use and to control, and will not dig into your work piece.


All varieties of the Josco Flap Wheel are designed so that when the flaps wear down, new abrasive grit is continually exposed. This will prevent clogging and give a uniform, consistent finish throughout the life of the wheel. Due to the large number of abrasive flaps they contain, flap wheels are very economical compared to belts. Unit finishing costs will be cut due to the longer life and reduced downtime of the product.


Examples of applications for Flap Wheels:

  • Finishing of stainless steel vessels
  • De-scaling heat treated aluminium
  • Removing machine marks and flaws from castings
  • Sanding wood prior to painting
  • Grinding off fibreglass flash and sharp mould edges
  • Polishing and finishing the surfaces of tubular steel
  • Polishing aluminium – even fine grits do not clog
  • Removing flash from rubber and plastic
  • Cleaning up welds, scratches and rust from fabricated parts
  • Removing surface blemishes or excess glaze from ceramics
  • Grinding and scuffing leather in shoemaking and repairing
  • Removing rust and sharpening tools
  • Removing burrs and giving satin finish to metals
  • Grinding out imperfections