Josco Polishing Demonstration

Josco’s range of polishing equipment, including a huge variety of polishing buffs plus complementary tapered spindles and compounds, are well regarded throughout Australia as a market leading brand.


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How-to Guide:


  1.  All buffs have tapered centre bores and may be mounted on the left or right side of your grinder using a Josco Tapared Spindle.
  2. Select the correct buff for your job. For help in selecting the right buff your your job, click here.
  3. Never use different compounds on one buff – keep a separate buff for each compound.
  4. Dress the buff with compound across the face of the rotating wheel for a few seconds, taking care not to apply too much compound which will overload the buff. It is far better to apply a small amount of compound more frequently than to over dress the buff.
  5. After dressing the buff, bring the work piece into contact with light pressure, moving back and forth across the work piece.
  6. After polishing, remove any residue with mineral turpentine or mentholated spirits. Warm soapy water will also work.