Replace Sanding Discs with Josco Flap Discs

Flap Discs have been developed primarily to replace sanding discs. However, in some applications, they may have advantages over depressed centre grinding discs, particularly on light gauge sheet and where finish is important – such as on stainless steel. No backing pads are required with Josco Flap Discs as they fit directly onto your machine.


In order to obtain a similar finish with the same aggression as a sanding disc, select a flap disc at least one grit coarser than a resin fibre disc. This will achieve a maximum rate of stock removal, and still achieve a finer finish than what would be obtained with a sanding disc. Grinding marks are less likely to show through paint, epoxy or stove enamel coatings. Flap discs work best with light pressure, letting the speed of the machine do the work rather than the operator, because the laminated flaps will stay sharp until the disc is completely worn out. There is no need as the operator to lean on the machine, as is the case with dull sanding discs.


To find out more information about the variety of flap discs on offer from Josco, click here¬†for Josco’s Flap Disc Tutorial.