Wire Brush Operating Techniques

Rotation Speed: 
Under working conditions, the centrifugal force built up by a revolving wire brush is quite high. The wires or materials used in brushes become considerably more stiff at the working face, and in turn the cutting or abrasive action of the brush is greatly increased. It follows that, as the speed increases, the cutting action is faster.


Pressure needed when applying Brush to Work Piece:
For cleaning, roughening and deburring at high speeds, use light pressure. For finishing, polishing and brushing at low speeds with wire, sufficient pressure may be required to bring the sides of the wire into contact with the work piece.


Life of a Wire Brush:
To achieve the longest life out of a wire brush, it is recommended that the rotation should be reversed from time to time (not all brushes have this function – please check with Josco if unsure). When rotating in one direction only, the cutting edge of the wire becomes dulled, and by reversing the brush, better cutting action is noticed.


Brushing Recommendations:
If you encounter any brushing problems, please submit an enquiry form with the following details in order for Josco to be able to solve the problem efficiently: size, shape and material of work piece; ideal finish of surface required; available horsepower; maximum speed of your equipment; arbor hole or shaft size of your equipment, and the maximum diameter of the brush that can be mounted to your machine.


Wire brushes should always be tested on a small part of your work piece to ensure the best results are achieved.


To Cut Faster:
Use a large diameter brush
Increase RPM (within safe permitted speed)
Use a brush with a heavier wire gauge
Use a shorter trim (trim refers to the free length wire protruding from the sideplates).


To Produce a Finer Finish:
Use a brush with a lighter wire gauge
Follow up with Josco polishing compounds and buffs


To reach all parts of an Irregular Surface: 
Use a wire brush with a longer trim


To Remove Burrs: 
Use a wire brush with a short trim


To produce a more Even Finish:
Use a holding fixture – hand operated or automatic