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Layout & Marking

Kapro offers a great range of layout and marking tools including squares and chalk lines.

Komelon Hi Vis Table Tape 2m

Part number: FLT23

Kapro Legend Square 30cm

Kapro Legend Square 30cm

Part number: K30930

Kapro Measure Mate

Kapro Measure Mate

Part number: K31360

kapro sliding t-bevel

Kapro Sliding T-Bevel

Part number: K301

kapro rafter square

Kapro Rafter Square

Part number: K444


Kapro Framing Square 60cm

Part number: K30560

kapro combination square

Kapro Combination Square

Part number: K352

kapro adjustable t-square

Kapro Adjustable T-Square 120cm

Part number: K317120T